Tuesday, 21 February 2017

tokyo #14 - mt fuji & lake kawaguchiko

finally, getting up close & personal with the majestic fuji!
at this point i've already given up on blue sky.
grey sky is more dramatic anyways :P

snow-capped mountain

misty view from a viewing platform

we only managed to get to the 4th station, as the road to 5th station (the highest point that you can get to with a vehicle, i think) was closed.

muka give up ramai tourist cina tolak menolak hmph

ini pun nak jual ke beb, kapitalis betul

our group. takeover jadi co-driver sebab co-driver yg asal dah penat haha

tokyo #13 - shibazakura festival

it has been months since my last entry -.-"
there's no excuse. i have been lazy.
since last update, i went to perth and chiang mai.
and i have yet to finish tokyo and maldives entries.
in 2 months time, i'm off to kashmir.
so many updates pending!

the day has come when we finally get to see mt fuji up close and personal!
but first stop: the fuji shibazakura festival.

the roller coaster at fuji q highland, which we passed en route. so tempting!
i would've included this in my itinerary if i went there alone

some flowers up for sale at the festival. they're said to be really cheap too, unfortunately i cannot smuggle a potted vase in my luggage..

sakura jam! i still have them in my fridge -.-"

mt fuji behind clouds
600 yen. i love japan and their inexpensive attraction fees