Friday, 25 November 2016

tokyo #9 - tokyo skytree, harajuku st, & meiji jingu

i got back from perth safe and sound almost 2 weeks ago,
so now let me TRY to finish all tokyo AND perth entries 
before jetsetting to another country in january ;P

you have to excuse me, this is the only pic i have of the skytree lol.

before i went to tokyo,
i only knew of tokyo tower.
it's red and vintage and lights up beautifully at night.

but tokyo skytree?
meh. haha.
but it's the second tallest structure in the world after burj khalifa,
so it's somewhat interesting.
the modern tower also lights up beautifully at night,
and like many skyscrapers,
holds a mall underneath the tower that sells very expensive stuff.

so let's move on to harajuku.

wolves that offer free hugs.


this is the tamagotchi egg store just beside the takeshita-dori.

mainly schoolkids still in uniform. at this precise moment, i envy being a schoolkid in japan.

lots of places selling crepes! insyaAllah can eat

don't they look tantalizing.. yumm!
btw i did not buy a crepe. they're seriously big and i didn't think i could've finished it alone.
*note: must come to tokyo with friendsss

daiso, where the tourists shop crazily.
sadly i can't find that many things worthy as a souvenir.

this cotton candy shop is famous!

cute rainbow cotton candies

many shops selling food and fashion

this looks so inviting

yeah.. and their style is cute teen kawaii style

more crepe stalls

many teens dressing up here
also saw cute mak nyah but didn't dare take a picture.. hahaha

just beside harajuku, there's the meiji jingu.
i had time to walk in because i seriously couldn't find things to buy in harajuku.
not a fashionista, folks. haha.

those trees... can you imagine them in autumn?

the entrance - torii gate

the compulsory pic
this is one of my roommates in tokyo!

surrounded by a jungle of trees in the middle of tokyo!

it's quite a walk in..

this is a pic from google image - meiji jingu in the middle of tokyo

i read this just now -
around 100,000 trees were planted here during the shrine's construction
and they were donated from regions across the country.
the shrine was completed in 1920 - almost a hundred years ago.

i think these are wine barrels :P

finally reached the main building after 10 minutes of walking

shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji,
its religion is Shinto - Japan's original religion.

its compound is beautiful - traditional Japanese stuff.
i don't know how to put this in words,
but it's so Japan that i immediately fell in love.

some sort of ceremony

girls in yukata

you're supposed to wash your face, hands, and feet before entering

then sadly, it was time to go.
i wish i had more time to explore this place.. sobs

up there is a cat cafe

these girls saw me selfie-ing and immediately wanted to wefie lol

goodbye harajuku, till i see you again!

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