Tuesday, 29 November 2016

tokyo #11 - akihabara

akihahabara, also known as akiba
is a very electric, vibrant place.
i thought it was a place i needed to experience.
but being a non-otaku, i didn't go crazy here lol.

sadly when i went there at 8 pm, many shops have already closed.

haven't seen sailor moon in yearsss

the very attractive red sega building

this claw machine!

they offer many things, soft toys are common, but also toys and figurines in boxes

neko atsume fever when i went there

the people i saw playing with these machines are pros.
there's like a certain technique they used,
and they're very focused and determined.
some are makciks playing with their handbags and everything lol.

when you go here, try the claw machines for the sake of it.
i did. but then you'll get stuck playing it, so gerammm.
i lost about a thousand yens here, and didn't win anything :/

many souvenirs

one of the big department stores. look at that rows of memory cards

hairdryers assortments

tbh, by this time i was feeling bored and wanted company.
so i called my friend in malaysia, we facetimed for quite some time.
showed her around lol.
it really did feel like i had someone with me :)
that's why i also lack pictures here lol, was too busy facetime-ing.
technology is awesomeee.

that interesting escalators

anyway if you have lots of money to spare, this would be a good place to shop
especially for electrical and gaming stuff.
but some things in japan are not suitable with our electrical stuff in malaysia
(i don't know how to explain this zzz)
so before buying things make sure you know that it'll work back at home.

akihabara - checked!

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