Tuesday, 29 November 2016

tokyo #12 - hitachi seaside park

warning: lots of pictures of flowers ahead, lol.

finally came the day that we're moving outside of tokyo.
we left quite late this day (don't ask),
so i was really keen on arriving fast and exploring hitachi seaside park.
the journey alone took almost 2 hours,
i think we had less than 2 hours to explore the park.
so sad. still sad.


saw a cow van lol so cuteee

410 yen - about RM 15. affordable.

the flowers in bloom.

i didn't study this map fully because i already know i won't be able to visit all of them.
arrive early, take your time to fully explore this huge park.

near the entrance, it's sort of an amusement park. complete with huge (expensive) ferris wheel ride.

first stop: tulips!

tokyo #11 - akihabara

akihahabara, also known as akiba
is a very electric, vibrant place.
i thought it was a place i needed to experience.
but being a non-otaku, i didn't go crazy here lol.

sadly when i went there at 8 pm, many shops have already closed.

haven't seen sailor moon in yearsss

the very attractive red sega building

this claw machine!

they offer many things, soft toys are common, but also toys and figurines in boxes

tokyo #10 - tokyo camii mosque, shinjuku love statue, & tokyo metropolitan building

i first saw tokyo camii mosque from the pictures in Miasuraya's blog,
and thought it a beautiful place.
when i saw it in person, it was even better.

the stairs leading to wudhu' area downstairs.

Japan's largest mosque in Ottoman style

entrance to the main prayer hall

made of cool stone

Friday, 25 November 2016

tokyo #9 - tokyo skytree, harajuku st, & meiji jingu

i got back from perth safe and sound almost 2 weeks ago,
so now let me TRY to finish all tokyo AND perth entries 
before jetsetting to another country in january ;P

you have to excuse me, this is the only pic i have of the skytree lol.

before i went to tokyo,
i only knew of tokyo tower.
it's red and vintage and lights up beautifully at night.

but tokyo skytree?
meh. haha.
but it's the second tallest structure in the world after burj khalifa,
so it's somewhat interesting.
the modern tower also lights up beautifully at night,
and like many skyscrapers,
holds a mall underneath the tower that sells very expensive stuff.

so let's move on to harajuku.

wolves that offer free hugs.


this is the tamagotchi egg store just beside the takeshita-dori.

mainly schoolkids still in uniform. at this precise moment, i envy being a schoolkid in japan.

lots of places selling crepes! insyaAllah can eat

don't they look tantalizing.. yumm!
btw i did not buy a crepe. they're seriously big and i didn't think i could've finished it alone.
*note: must come to tokyo with friendsss

daiso, where the tourists shop crazily.
sadly i can't find that many things worthy as a souvenir.