Sunday, 30 October 2016

tokyo #8 - odaiba

moving on to odaiba!
i guess most people know that odaiba is a man made island
and famous for its Gundam statue.
little did i know that it's far more interesting than just that.

tokyo skyline from a train heading to odaiba

such a well-kept city

we went on that rainbow bridge with the train!

you can actually take a walk on this bridge if you've got the time ;P

remaining sakura still blooming

tada! the gundam statue
tbh i don't even watch the cartoon

well at least i have a picture with it :P

there's tulips nearby! a park full of them!

random picture when you find a baby seater in a women's loo. so convenient!
if there's one thing you can count on, it's the toilet's cleanliness lol

at the gundam souvenir shop

diver city tokyo is basically a shopping mall.
went inside and it was full of restaurants, and a food court.

at dusk when they turn on the lights

more tulipsss

a rainbow walkway. the colour keeps on changing.. so cool!

walking in the park

palette town
this place offers tonnes of entertainment, but i didn't go in haha

after walking here,
we walked all the way back. in the cold.
this is such a huge place btw!
in such a short stretch they managed to put in 3 shopping malls!

somewhere in front of aquacity

fefeeling new york lol
the trick to get clear background & clear picture of yourself,
is to turn off your camera's flash
and turn on your phone's flashlight
good luck!

rainbow bridge

spot the tokyo tower!

the wind here is no joke.
after taking these pics,
i was dead cold and went into aquacity
to get starbucks, using credit card! lol

if i had more time, i would've explored odaiba properly.
don't omit odaiba from your itinerary,
it's worth exploring :D

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