Thursday, 13 October 2016

tokyo #6 - ameyoko market

oh my, i love this place.
and i didn't even know it existed. ahaha.

ameyayokocho, or ameyoko market
is located just across the street from JR ueno station.
it's also neighbouring the ueno park.

the entrance across the street from JR ueno station

walking further in and you see this divider in the middle.

if you go to the right of this divider,
you'll see the shops for the two best things in this place:
halal takoyaki and green tea ice cream.

i didn't take a picture of the green tea shop :/
but it's located near this divider thing.
shouldn't be too hard to spot,
it's full of green tea things like the ice cream and powdered green tea.
they also sell pots and little cups that you can enjoy your green tea from.
*now regretting that i didn't take a picture,
i guess i was too excited about the ice cream.

huge octopus like the one i saw in tsukiji fish market!

awesome halal takoyaki! shop's name is Gindaco.
thanks to nad's blog. i seriously didn't take notice of the shop's name lol.
we shared because i wouldn't be able to finish them all haha.

three people at the other table are my housemates <3

can also see the chef making the takoyaki balls

they also sell this real fruit ice cream, can try if you got $$ :D

this is a market just like any other. there's a wet and dry section.
wet section sells vegetables, seafood, and such.
dry section sells a whole lot more.
from clothes to food to household items.
saw one shop auctioning off watches.
there's also a uniqlo in the vicinity.

that is not food okay! :D
this is a vending machine, i suppose this is a souvenir or keepsake of sorts.



places to eat

THE best green tea ice cream in the world guys! for only 350 yen!

oh btw,
i also bought high quality powdered green tea from the shop.
i take it it's not that expensive,
one packet of green tea for 1000+ yen.
you only use so little per cup of tea,
less than a teaspoonful.
and the taste is so sedap!
not the same like those you buy in teabags for sure.

not sure this uncle is pengemis.. or what..
but so kesian to him

hard rock cafe at JR ueno station.
bought t-shirts here on my last day.
the other HRC is in roppongi.

by the way, regarding hard rock cafe shirts.
if you buy one in ueno, it will say 'ueno-eki' on the shirt.
if you want the one with 'tokyo' written on it,
you'll have to go to hard rock cafe in roppongi.
my opinion, the one in JR ueno station has more selection
and more recent designs.

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