Thursday, 13 October 2016

tokyo #5 - tokyo tower

once upon a time,
i was fascinated by towers.

among the towers that i'd really like to see with my own two eyes:
eiffel tower, leaning tower of pisa, and tokyo tower.
geographically speaking, i thought i'd see the tokyo tower first.
who knew it would be the eiffel first :P

by the way, i only knew tokyo had 2 towers after arriving in tokyo -.-"
seriously, this is about the only trip that i haven't researched properly before leaving.
which explained why i almost stayed on the street on my first night in tokyo.
also, it's sort of hard to last-minute google things about tokyo,
unless you know japanese.

so the two towers of tokyo:
tokyo tower in this entry
and the new tokyo skytree,
which is the second tallest in the world now after burj khalifa.

had no idea how to get here.
basically just got out of metro and just followed whatever path i could to this tower.

lighted beautifully at night.

under the tokyo tower, which has observatories and souvenir shops.
tried to find a metal keychain of tokyo tower, but couldn't find one :(

this one is pure candid. pressed the shutter accidentally. i look so bajet lol

strong wind, hard to capture a good pic.


tokyo banana. the famous banana snack of tokyo.
they say there's a halal version but all the time i was in tokyo, i couldn't find one. me so sad.

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