Thursday, 13 October 2016

tokyo #3 - shibuya crossing

since i'm finished with my jogja entries,
i'll start again and this time, really try to finish all my tokyo stories :P

back to writing in english ya.
i find that writing in malay is more sempoi
but i need to practise my english too :D

so, shibuya crossing.
it's a world famous crossing, millions of people cross it everyday.
it's such a mad, organized rushing and scrambling of people.
i've never experienced anything like it.

anyway, i've been obsessed with the crossing for years.
i don't know when exactly i came to know about the place,
but i've always had this thing about road crossings.
shibuya is the dream.

hachiko statue at hachiko square.
sad, sad story of a loyal dog. sobs

hard to take a decent picture since many people were around

hachiko square. this has become like the meeting spot for people.
also many people hanging out here.
look at that late sakura/ume!

shibuya crossing has so many metro exits,
i could get off of one and forget how to go back there again :P
but tokyo's metro line is so extensive, so awesome.
if you can read japanese you'll never get lost. unlike me though.. hahaha.

ohmaigod.. i am just so in love with this place

if i counted correctly,
there's actually seven zebra crossings here.
i basically ran around each of the crossings
and just laughing out loud,
enjoying being part of the crowd.

while waiting to cross.. first, lemme take a selfie!
right across the street is hachiko square

in starbucks. had to fight for a place. don't think it's got the best view of the crossings though.

met japanese ladies who were interviewing international visitors

shibuya at night! so meriah, even until late

don't quite understand their concept of department stores.
tried to get up to the upper floors but got so confused instead

more hachiko mementos

the famous starbucks
price is much higher compared to home, but still i went like 4, 5 times.. haha adeh

the big flashy advertisements. feels like i'm in new york or something

mario karts people! they were driving around shibuya crossing, dunno what's the occasion

in japan they have smoking boxes - you only smoke here, not anywhere you want.
don't think it made a difference, the smoke goes into the same air that we breathe anyway

in case you haven't noticed..
i actually went to shibuya crossings multiple times.
5 times, in fact. ahaha.
it's also the last place i went to before boarding the train to the airport.
just soaking in the atmosphere, wondering when i'll set foot here again.. :'(

the place that's got the better view. l'occitane cafe, shibuya

the expensive but heavenly creme brulee.
not joking folks, this is THE creme brulee that you MUST try

perfectly caramelized sugar on the top, yummy silky base, and that sour raspberries
contrasting awesomely with the sweetness of the dessert. 850 yen, roughly RM35. so worth it.

best. lunch. ever.

got people taking wedding pics at the crossing some more.

interior deco of l'occitane cafe

waiting to cross, again. took so many videos lol

the l'occitane cafe. quite easy to spot.
downstairs is where they sell those lotions, hand creams.
where you'd want to go is the second or third floor.

last day. last pic. before boarding the train that will take me home.

adieu shibuya crossing, it's been great fun.
i'll forever be in love with you <3

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