Saturday, 2 July 2016

gardens by the bay 03.04.16

letak gambar makcik ni dulu sebab gambar dia lawa. sekian.

not sure whether gardens by the bay is famous in Malaysia.
so far i think Msians only visit Singapore for USS haha.
we got to know about gardens by the bay when poking around matta fair,
got cheaper tickets too.

anyway, gardens is known for its giant supertrees,
lighted beautifully at night.
but there are also conservatories-
namely cloud forest and flower dome.
you only need to pay for admission to the conservatories.

huge breathtaking waterfall once you walk into the cloud forest.

in cloud forest they talk about the forest that asia has,
but lacking in singapore.. krik3

at specific times, water mist will be sprayed out and you get to experience this!

it's very cooling.
i also read a lot about how the whole place is a self-sustaining environment,
but i can't write about them here.
i forgot.
quick reminder: save our earth!

this is going into the flower dome.
cacti and more mediterranean and tropical plants.

place is huge!

they usually hold some sort of flower festival every month,
bad luck that we went just after sakura season and they are transitioning to tulipomania.
so sad - i miss tulips..

my first sakura experience.. is in singapore -.-"

outside to the supertree grove.

this is the inside of marina bay sands.
seriously though, could've looked way cooler.
this is just too hostel-like.
reminds me of flats -.-"

yes, that building from the inside looks so ugly.

after a longggg walk.. we're finally here

no typical tourist poses here plish.

pictures using yi cam:

okay i'm done with singapore trip!
do visit gardens by the bay,
it's well worth your time and money! :D


  1. Agak2 berapa jam kena spend masa kat sana?

  2. gardens by the bay, at least 4 jam. kalau nak betul2 explore, mungkin perlu lagi lama. tempat tu saaaangat besar