Sunday, 19 June 2016

USS 02.04.16

this was such a last minute trip.
we bought airasia tickets to singapore
for a weekend trip, around a month before.

USS & Gardens by the Bay.

i've been to USS last year
but since then,
they've reopened Battlestar Galactica
and added a new attraction:
a Puss in Boots ride.

early morning flight.
sooooo sleepyyy

crossing selat tebrau

finally arrived, and queue is already long
we travelled around singapore with MRT, easy and convenient!
*addendum: traveling around singapore carrying all our heavy bags T.T

waiting for parade
came on a saturday, so many peopleee

the madagascar kids ride :D

Fiona's castle

so many people queueing for the rapids adventure ride T.T
we didn't get to go on the canopy flyer!

rode this twice cause someone loved it :P

literally no wait time. our last ride for the day haha


achievement unlocked:
rode the puss in boots
transformers ride twice
battlestar galactica: human after an hour long queue!
didn't get to ride cylon :(

so basic tips:
1) come early
2) if possible, go on weekdays
3) keep spare money for luggage storage 
if you're going on rides that don't allow loose articles
4) bring water.. lots of it
singapore is hot hot hot
(also some more tips on my previous USS post :P)

so we moved on to our next agenda for the night..
garden rhapsody at the gardens by the bay!
p/s: it's free, and worth to watch!

so despite our extreme exhaustion carrying our bags around, we made it..

and finding everyone lying down like this! hahaha
of course we grabbed a spot and joined in

taken with yi cam.
quite a struggle to get a still picture in low light.

bokeh :3

marina bay sands.
looks exquisite from the outside but the inside is really ugly.
like a cheap flat. trust me, we checked.
what a turn off.

and after.. we trotted back to check in to our hotel..
total step count: 21,072 steps!
penat. gile.

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