Tuesday, 14 June 2016

seoul #5 - kwangjang market, dongdaemun market, namsangol hanok village

last day in seoul! :(
seriously, i had so much fun in seoul.
maybe because i was out with friends instead of family,
and maybe because of the city itself..
but i truly enjoyed it :)

bought a mini bagpack from this guy :D
i think kwangjang market is supposed to be famous for its food,
but we only went to shop for kain, so early in the morning..

dongdaemun market, where we hunted for food.
see those cute one-person pots..

grilled fish everywhere.. omggg

not sure whether we were actually hungry,
or because i genuinely like korean food,
but this is the best meal i've had in seoul.

that is sotong masak pedas and ikan bakar!
omg the sotong.. mouthwatering.. sedap gilaaa!


so tempting..


lake in namsangol hanok village..

super loveee the walls and the cute houses!


old skool korean houses
ever watched family outing?
this is the sort of houses they go to..

so many hanboks!

korean food uses a lot of fermented stuff, i think.
like kimchi, doenjang, etc etc..


the view. i think i overexposed this picture a bit.
that pavilion is where we prayed.

time for pictures with hanbok! for a fee, of course~

seriously that wall.. *swoon*

tbh, namsangol hanok is lovely
but it's targeted for tourists.. so there aren't actual people living here
if you want to visit korean houses, go to bukchon hanok village.
still touristy but from the pictures, i think it's lovelier.
a bit more authentic experience :)

yes, also went to namdaemun market where i solely look for food
that kimchi!!

thanks uncle and auntie for entertaining me. they're so generous :)
actually wanted real kimchi.. not the prepackaged one because i can find those easily in malaysia haha.
bought 2 kilograms worth of kimchi. wooo
i also bought lots of seaweed, and some sweets.

seoul in its glory.

of course, these socks! so many designs! and so cheap!
costs 1000 won/pair.. around RM 3!
i bought 40+ pairs and they became souvenirs.. hehe

touristy socks

bought a blouse from this girl (this is actually around ewha.. women's paradise, not mine lol)
she was sick but yet so cute and so kind!

that sums up my seoul trip, i think!
it's finally done!
after 7 months back from seoul! lol

anyway, i would totally visit seoul again..
haven't visited the famous everland.. 
or managed to see much of the city, really.
next time, i'm going to go without a tour group..

'til i see you again, seoul!

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  1. Awesome photos! I can't wait to see your next posts! :-)