Tuesday, 14 June 2016

seoul #4 - cheonggyecheon stream, gwanghwamun square, dongdaemun design plaza

so these are the places we went to without a tour guide in seoul.
pretty easy to navigate :)

in the train. everyone's looking sharp with blazers.
also quite a wide train.
something you don't get to see in malaysia..

cheonggyecheon stream at night! gets pretty cold here.

sadly when we went there, it was in between decorations.
if we came a week later, there would've been lanterns here.. sobs
i can imagine just how lovely this place would be.

ignore the excited face.

many couples chilling by the river.
you can look up the history behind cheonggyecheon, it's quite a cool story.
surprisingly, it's not man-made. but they had to do a huge restoration project.

king sejong at gwanghamun square.
he was the guy who introduced hangeul - the korean alphabet.
it's actually pretty easy to learn.. much, much easier than chinese characters.

right behind sejong is the gyeongbokgung.
you can see the faint outline of mount bugak in the background.

random patung.
there's a story behind it.. but alas, i've forgotten :P

dongdaemun design plaza.
it's time for some serious posing lol

DDP is known for its wildly futuristic building.
not too sure whether it's nice-looking or not..
it's definitely not beautiful, just very.. futuristic :P

fascinated by the changing rainbow colours
DDP is also very near to lotteria

roses lights

egg that changes colour

also, there's a story behind the egg, but of course i've forgotten.. haha

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