Tuesday, 14 June 2016

seoul #3 - nami island

and.. we're back to seoul :P 
just bear with me, 
 i'm determined to finish all my travel stories before my next flight out 
 (6th of august to jogja - yeay!) 

everyday meal
7eleven onigiri (known as samgak kimbap in korea)
and banana uyu! this thing tastes heavenly..
only at 1000 won (RM 3.50) each, i think!
here in malaysia they are sold up to RM10 per bottle!

in front of our hostel..
our room was on the topmost floor, thank heavens there's a lift!

welcome to nami in autumn, peeps!

those are not actual balloons..

first up, lunch!
this is famously called nasi goncang (dosirak in korean)
bits of tuna and egg,
shake it well and eat!
actually this is not really my cup of tea,
i'm not a big fan of tuna and gooey egg mixed together..
otherwise, quite a big portion and fills you up so good.

so anyway, pictures and more pictures..

bikes are available for rent.

tandem bikes!

seriously, why don't Malaysia have 4 seasons.. T.T

it was dead cold but i wanted ice cream
and i was on vacation, so yeah whatever

back to seoul and off to dinner
they cooked nasi goreng seoul style right in front of us!

i would guess they put kimchi, gochujang, seaweed..

so, so good.

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