Monday, 25 April 2016

tokyo #2 - tsukiji fish market

below is a bunch of sea creatures photos that you might or might not eat.
but this is tsukiji after all,
the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.

tsukiji is absolutely fascinating.
you have to go watch videos on youtube to capture the wonders of it.

other than what you can see,
the market does not smell fishy or smelly of any kind.

tsukiji's moving to toyosu in november 2016.
so the next time i'll be in tokyo, there will be no more tsukiji.

the sell knives the length of your arm over here.
it can cut through bones.

the thing they put on takoyaki, maybe?

turret trucks.
they're so cute, i want to drive one!

the not-cleaned fish

octopus so yummy ughh

the busy market in all its glory

huge clams

uncle menyiang ikan. ikan turns out so clean.
there's an art to menyiang ikan, apparently.

huge slabs of fish meat

hugeeeee scallop. bigger than your face

weird fish

huge fish
(okay you get it now, everything's huge over here)

live shellfish


invisible fish! haha


crab is a bit weird. it's covered with something like smashed biscuit and yet they are still moving.

can you imagine how big the fish was..

verrrry tempted to buy one. and just eat it with soysauce and wasabi.
fine slabs of tuna

turret trucks everywhere

they would queue for hours, these people.

i got into one that didn't take hours.
also because they had english menu.
cup was cute.

1800 yen is roughly RM60+. per bowl.

mine came with lots of chunky tuna, few slices of salmon, and raw squid.

full house

also on the other part of the market, they sell fruits and dry product.
spot the white strawberries!

things like souvenirs..

this is where you come in.
had a guide at front handing out tsukiji maps.
if you have plenty of time to explore tokyo,
please explore tsukiji before they relocate.
it was an awesome experience :)

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