Tuesday, 19 April 2016

tokyo #1 - shinjuku kuyakushomae capsule hotel

i know i'm supposed to finish my seoul trip documentation first,
but right now i'm too excited about tokyo :P
so let me just type up my tokyo experience first..
i promise i'll finish with seoul one fine day, lol.

i was in tokyo from 10/4/16 to 17/4/16.
basically travelled alone, though i also followed trip adik beradik.
(find them on instagram! @tripadikberadik)
followed tour group because i was lazy to do my itinerary :P
but that will be my last time following a group, insyaAllah.

first night in tokyo, i stayed at a capsule hotel.
airasia flight to haneda landed quite late at night,
i managed to arrive at the hotel around 1 am, thru last trains for the day.
nasib baik sampai wehh.

my capsule before i ruined it.

many capsules. can tarik the blinders and tada! privacy.

washroom. this is the place to wash your face, brush your teeth, hairdryer.

complimentary shiseido stuff. looks nice.

bidet toilet which i absolutely have no idea how to operate it.
ni laa masalah barang canggih tapi tak reti pakai -.-"

normal shower.

luggage storage area

locker area

selfie before bedtime!
they also give you pajamas.. pink for the ladies. so cute!

so.. capsule?
yes for the experience!
i think it fits nicely,
but maybe not for people who are claustrophobic :D

in terms of cleanliness, perfect.
this is japan we're talking about.
checking in and out was a breeze,
crazily taking pictures of the hotel once i checked in.
enjoyed my first night in tokyo.
everything worked out well alhamdulillah.

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