Monday, 25 April 2016

seoul #2 - itaewon, N seoul tower, & hello kitty cafe

every big city has its own 'expat town',
and for seoul, that town is itaewon.

itaewon is famous for muslims as the place to go to visit seoul central mosque
and also the place to taste halal korean cuisine :)

itaewon central mosque

flags of different countries

kimchi beef jjigae

about the only pic we had time for sobs
many options for halal food,
this was among the one open that day

after prayers, we moved on to N seoul tower.
it was a cloudy day, though seoul skyline is still something amazing.

cute korean kids awwwhhh

teddy bear museum, which is more like a shop?

wanted this but chose another set of magnets

shamelessly non-stop picture taking

farhana <3

proper korean meal for dinner yummm
at night we headed out for hello kitty cafe,
which is near hongik university.

had a bit of argument with 'other people' regarding the direction, lol.
but i think you should chill when you're traveling :)
there's no need to be so mad when you get a little lost,
it's not like we were chasing after a plane.

the best part was,
my friends were more upset about the 'other people' than me.
aaah. unnecessary arguments are parts and parcels of life, lol.

apparently this cotton candy stall is famous for the big dog over there.
didn't buy because of the dog.. haha

so pink!

the desserts were very cute

so hard to communicate on whether they put alcohol in the desserts.
finally i gave up and showed my phone screen,
which had the korean translation for 
'does this thing contain alcohol' hahaha


ini semua tipu.. haha
i thank my friends for such good pictures yeayyy! :P

on the way back through hongdae.
two bears were chillin'.

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