Tuesday, 15 March 2016

melbourne #7 - great ocean road - twelve apostles

stopover to have breakfast

mama and her thai friend

too many people to get a decent shot :(

entrance to heaven

driving along the coast.. this is the view the whole way..
great weather that day :)

friendly parrots

you can spot some koalas too!

hello duck!
no please don't drink the filthy water

another photo stop!

cape otway lighthouse
in all her glory

the cliff

the uncle taking care of the lighthouse

anchor taken from one of the ships that went down in the area
turbulent seas and dangerous journey

so, koalas ate too much eucalyptus until the trees have gone barren.
this is apparently a huge deal.

finally.. after napping and waking many times..

twelve apostles!
(there were twelve, i thin nowadays there are less. law of nature)

that will be an apostle too some day
you should read on how the rocks become apostles! fascinating.

you may fall..
and DIE

loch ard gorge,
which is so lovely

there's a story behind every place
in loch ard gorge, an unrequited love story :(

i am soooo going to melbourne again someday..
too in love with the city!

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