Monday, 28 March 2016

seoul #1 - ewha women's university & gyeongbokgung

crazy about descendents of the sun
(or more specifically, song joong ki!)

i was never much a k-drama person.
i've only watched 2 k-dramas before this,
though i do follow running man as of late :P

i didn't go to seoul because i was crazy about everything k-related,
but i did a marathon of running man to get my excitement level up before this trip :P

went there on 1-5 nov.
these entries are definitely a few months late.
a trip with friends,
some we jalan-jalan on our own
but mostly we followed our tour group.
thanks Jom Backpacker team!
esp zul & en halim :)

woke up early in the morning and explored ewha on our own
10 minutes walk from our hostel :)
it was autumn, so those leaves...

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

melbourne #7 - great ocean road - twelve apostles

stopover to have breakfast

mama and her thai friend

too many people to get a decent shot :(

entrance to heaven

driving along the coast.. this is the view the whole way..
great weather that day :)

melbourne #6 - philip island day trip

this breed of dog is called a dingo. i think they're cute.

reminds me of hedwig.

scratch scratch

handsome boy

oi gimme food!