Friday, 19 February 2016

melbourne #5 - sashimi, queen victoria market, & old treasury building

basically this is the day when i have no specific itinerary,
so i just wandered around melbourne cbd.
best day everrrr :D

flower? cabbage? who knows? i don't.


didn't get the sushi because i'm not sure whether they use sake/mirin for the rice.
so i went for the sashimi. ate till full. costed me AUD 10! ~ RM35 per plate, but so worth it.

i spent nearly an hour looking for this shop - sushi monger.
nearly had hypoglycemia since i skipped breakfast.

went to market lane coffee on a friend's suggestion
i was consuming 7 eleven 1 dollar coffee every day at this point,
7 eleven in melbourne is so convenient

not so fancy, but worth a try. there's always a line here :)
this place is o near to queen vic market

fresh everything-with-meat everyone?
queen vic market

fancy french stuff

never frozen! oh my, this is heaven

so clean!

everything under one roof

the outside market

so many eggs!


walking to old treasure building, after rain

old treasury building tells the story of melbourne gold rush era

reading about aboriginals education, which fascinated me for some reason

the lovely interior of Regent Theatre

we watched lion king
my first experience with theater :)

apparently they can drink alcohol in here

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