Thursday, 11 February 2016

melbourne #3 - puffing billy & brighton beach

venturing out away from melbourne city.
puffing billy is around 1 hour train ride from melbourne,
from flinders right to the end - belgrave.
brighton beach is about half an hour away from melbourne cbd.
CBD = central business district :)

a bit higher in elevation, more greenery and colder

still running on coal. steam everywhere!

yes, this is how you sit on the train.
if you sit on the normal seat, you are uncool.

on a wooden bridge!

seems fun, but seriously though, if you sit near the front, you will swallow soot

first station from belgrave
i only went up to here since i only wanted to experience the ride :)

this atuk calling everyone on board by flapping that paper and ringing the bell

this chinese guy was from kelantan, we chatted a bit, i think this pic is quite nice :)

belgrave to menzies takes about half an hour, good enough for me.
you can go further but of course it takes longer

walking from brighton beach train station takes around 20 mins.
i thought it's be close to the train station -.-"

on the way to brighton beach

the view from far

melbourne city in the distance

hello you cute bathing boxes

so.. yeah.. we like them because they're unique and colourful
makes for good photo shots :D

this was actually very hard to take, since i was alone.
luckily i have my tiny gorillapod with me :D

walking home and saw churros, apa lagi.. lapar kottt

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