Sunday, 7 February 2016

melbourne #2 - st kilda pier

went to st kilda because they say we can see penguins!
this is the little penguins though, a bit different than the penguins we're used to see on TV.

wise words at the hair salon.

best to go see penguins at sundown, when they'll come up.

hello lovely city skyline.

halfway thru the walkway, you see this cute house/building.

the penguins start to make noises at dusk. they're hiding in the rocks, unseen.

hello little one!
pictures are blurry since you're not supposed to use flash photography.

this guy is braver than the rest.

whatcha lookin at??

mission accomplished!

tried long exposure-ing and stuff but failed miserably.
i didn't carry a tripod with me, huhu.

mama cooked this. marinara fresh from the sea. yumm!

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