Sunday, 7 February 2016

melbourne #1 - hello again!

i went to melbourne in june '15,
so this was wayyy overdue.
i was lazy. and busy.
i rarely turn on my laptop on weekdays anymore
(surprise, surprise)
and lately i have a life.

anyway, my favourite trip ever was to melbourne.
it was a last minute thing.
my mum had work to do over there for 2 weeks,
so i tagged along for a week.
free accommodation since i was staying with my mum, yeay!

so since it was so last minute, i wasn't able to do much researching and worrying.
which in turn, leaves me with the most relaxed and fun trip ever.
i woke up when i want to,
walked absolutely everywhere i want to,
and stayed however long i want to.
alone, while my mum goes to work.

freedom at its best.
i'm a bird.

anyhoo, enough babbles.

view from the apartment

i loved the trams

old beautiful buildings make me so happy

japanese/korean tourists who were so excited,
the friend was taking her picture from outside the tram

hosier lane, graffiti at its best

lord of the fries. halal. yumm.

mountains of pamphlets at the visitor centre.

federation square.
ugly building but unique in its way.

most helpful visitor centre i've ever been.
booked two tours here. so easy peasy!

that tall building is eureka 88. we went up there :D

ugly but unique.

took this at the visitor centre.
let's go for a walk!
in the cold..

flinders street station

this is something like experiencing the shibuya crossroads :P

beautiful tram

a map is your best friend

the bridge that i don't remember its name
on my way to DFO South Wharf

this is called the Batman Park.
... no joke.

smells a bit like pee here.
in every big city in the world, there's always the homeless.. :(

myki card. oi i love train cards.

best thing about melbourne is the free tram zone.
anywhere inside the melbourne CBD is the free tram zone! yeay!

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