Sunday, 28 June 2015

paris V - walt disney studios & disneyland paris

it's almost july, and this is getting pretty pathetic lol.
i'm determined to finish my eurotrip posts with this entry.
jyeah! haha.

this is my first disneyland, ever.
and it did not disappoint.

this is paris, after all

one of the good rides yeay

also got on the rc car

excited faces yeayy

crush's coaster wait is an hour long, but so much fun!

cute tots

kid at heart

cue gedik pose

seriously, if i have only one suggestion..
visit disneyland in spring.


beautiful buildings


many princesses that day

sleeping beauty castle
tbh, aurora is one of my favourites

beautiful tinted glasses

and they lived happily ever after..
just for one day, to relive your childhood fantasies

actual glass slipper!

evening parade
i guess people would be asking:
which one is better, disney studios or disneyland?

it completely depends.
disney studios have better, more thrilling rides. but the wait is also painstakingly long.
disneyland is more for kids, the wait is also long, but it's so beautiful.
happiest place on earth? it might just be.
both of them are completely worth the visit,
but if i could, i would stretch it to two days.
i even went on a weekday, but the number of people that they can fit in here..
forget visiting on weekends, honestly.

i wish i could do another eurotrip someday,
but oh well..
till then.

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