Wednesday, 17 June 2015

paris IV - champs élysées & place de la concorde

walking down champs elysees

queueing in front of laduree,
turns out there were two entrances.
laduree was born in paris,
so for those who are a fan of macarons,
this vintage-y place is a must!

baked goods

what we're here for - macarons!

seriously, they create art.

dainty and oh so pretty

happy mama

rose is my favourite. yumm

i think these are charging ports

flowers are starting to bloom even though the weather is still cold

from far away, hotel des invalides

place de la concorde with the egyptian obelisk

this square is quite historical.
i'll give you one fact: this is the place where marie antoinette was beheaded.

straight line from the arc de triomphe to the place de la concorde
and through the jardin des tuileries, where you'll find the louvre.
quite a distance to walk though :)

some malaysians just call this the 'pencil' structure,
which is so very sad.
please, people, take the time to learn about where you're going or where you are,
like, why is an egyptian obelisk standing smack in the middle of paris?
this will help you appreciate your travels so much better.

entrance to the tuileries garden, which i did not explore that day.
wind was blowing so hard and it was freezing

the two tall structures
and the famous fountain
(without water on the day i visited, sad)

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