Monday, 15 June 2015

paris III - sacre cœur & arc de triomphe

this is the view from my airbnb apartment window.
i love love love these window shutters.
so abundant in amsterdam, switzerland, and now paris.
every morning and evening, i will be the one to open and close them :)

the view from sacre cœur, montmarte.
also gray, also wet.

sacre cœur basilica.
one fancy fact about it:
this basilica was built with a stone called travertine,
which continuously exude calcite.
this causes the basilica to remain white, despite weather and pollution.

it's a really great view of paris from here,
i wish it hadn't been so rainy..

we came on a sunday, so there was a congregation.
or a mass? a synagogue?
i really couldn't tell the difference.

sacre cœur literally translates to sacred heart, referring to scared heart of jesus.

the small t+ ticket we buy in carnets

you see them so many times in pictures and tv,
but when you see them with your own eyes..
you only realized how gigantic these things are.

arc de triomphe!

names of those involved in the french revolution and napoleonic wars

going up the arc de triomphe, there is a small exhibition and gift shop before you get to the top

and you are awarded with a 360 degree view of paris :)
from far away, the sacre cœur basilica.
visible because it's on top of a hill.

eiffel tower :)

the famous champs elysees

we had someone took our picture.
she was supposed to take us with the eiffel tower,
but the eiffel tower is behind us here.. -.-"
seriously, i've had a few experiences where strangers took my pictures,
they turn out horrible.
like they can't even brain why we want our pictures in that exact spot. sigh...

oh i love love love madeleine

mini arc de triomphe.
the cool part is, you can slowly spin the monument in a circle and see the engravings on the slide behind..

the tomb of unknown soldier, to celebrate those soldiers who went to WWI and never came back,
and the eternal flame burning at the top

seriously, skip the line at the eiffel tower and go here instead. the view is amazing.
entry costs euro 9.50,
entrance is through the underground tunnel, which you can get into from champs elysees.

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