Monday, 15 June 2015

paris II - notre dame & eiffel tower at night

place dauphine,
a square in ile de la cité

cafes surrounding the square
and people playing football
(although there was a sign saying no ball-playing)

fontaine saint-michel from afar
i didn't cross the road because there was so many cars!
and also, my legs hurt

cool lady in red, reading a book, hanging out alone, minding her own business

notre dame

i look awkward. as always. sheesh.


someone was just throwing bird food around,
i ended up getting in the middle of that :)

notre dame from the side

berthillon ice cream!

so expensive, i think it was eur 2.50 per scoop,
but tastes so so goodddd

bye gothic notre dame

yeay eiffel tower!!!

the only edited picture in this post
i suck -.-"

looks like there was some sort of ufo there.
i swear i did not edit this pic -.-"

we got to see the blinking lights!
seriously, such a wow moment. so pretty..

this pic makes me so happy :)

the carousel near eiffel tower..

from the bottom.
you know what i forgot to do?
i forgot to actually touch the structure -.-"

earth hour when they turned off the lights
which was more like 10 minutes.. not even close to an hour -.-"

back to its golden glory

old metro sign :)

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