Tuesday, 9 June 2015

paris I - rainy eiffel tower, musee du louvre, pont des arts

this post is so late, i know. 
i have been procrastinating. 

 anyway, i've loved paris since forever. 
the buildings are pretty, 
eiffel tower is dreamy. 
we mostly traveled with metro and RER, 
and honestly, not a nice experience. 
take a HOHO if you wish to see the city more.

i do love the old metro signs

bad luck, bad weather.
paris was cold and grey and wet.
but there's not many pictures of eiffel tower on a cloudy day.

even worse luck, there's some sort of renovation going around trocadero.. sigh

la fayette
did you know that there are two buildings:
one for the ladies and one for the men?

the interior though, so exquisite

this is.. the opera? i forgot. haha.

mama becomes excited when we found a tricycle thing that looks so modern

hard rock cafe

the smaller arc de triomphe near the louvre

the sun came out yeay!
we didn't go nearer than this,
so many people at the square in front of the louvre

if you try to see.. all the dots are people..

some say that you need a month to look at each painting in the louvre o.O

just me being annoying

walking alongside the seine river

the famous pont des arts
they've put wooden boards to discourage people from 'locking their love' on the bridge
because the weight of those padlocks can cause the bridge to collapse. seriously.

no more padlocks guys, seriously.

the small island on seine river:
île de la cité
and pont neuf

eiffel from far away

institut de france

many french childhood classics are sold alongside the river.
le petit prince is lovely, i wish i would've bought one as a souvenir.

many vintage posters as well

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