Sunday, 28 June 2015

paris V - walt disney studios & disneyland paris

it's almost july, and this is getting pretty pathetic lol.
i'm determined to finish my eurotrip posts with this entry.
jyeah! haha.

this is my first disneyland, ever.
and it did not disappoint.

this is paris, after all

one of the good rides yeay

life will out

i've had a pretty complicated childhood.
it has turned me into the mess i am today.
i guess i can't blame anyone for it..
if i hadn't turned out this way,
i would be something else.
and there's no guarantee that 
'something else' 
is better.

there's no guarantee that the alternate would be better,
and there's no benefit in wondering.
so why bother?


i've had a pretty complicated life.
i let myself spiral down dark paths
that lead to secrets i could never tell a soul.
and i can't blame anyone for it..
they have been my choices.
i chose those mistakes,
even when i knew better.
and years after,
i still have nightmares about them.

but i've grown, so much.
and i know that there's always room for more.
i need to be more, because i'm capable of more.

i'm scared of so many things,
but that shows you how big my dreams are.
my biggest battle will be convincing myself 
that despite all my history,
i can still be a successful human being.


'life begins at the end of your comfort zone'.
every time i get scared,
i will push myself through it.

again and again i will remind myself:
'courage is not the absence of fear,
but the triumph over it.'
the fear becomes a compass, not a barrier.

despite everything,
i believe that i'm destined for great things.
it's been a hard life,
but it's still worth living.

keep your head up and believe --
this is the path that will take you to where you want to be.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

paris IV - champs élysées & place de la concorde

walking down champs elysees

queueing in front of laduree,
turns out there were two entrances.
laduree was born in paris,
so for those who are a fan of macarons,
this vintage-y place is a must!

baked goods

what we're here for - macarons!

seriously, they create art.

Monday, 15 June 2015

paris III - sacre cœur & arc de triomphe

this is the view from my airbnb apartment window.
i love love love these window shutters.
so abundant in amsterdam, switzerland, and now paris.
every morning and evening, i will be the one to open and close them :)

the view from sacre cœur, montmarte.
also gray, also wet.

sacre cœur basilica.
one fancy fact about it:
this basilica was built with a stone called travertine,
which continuously exude calcite.
this causes the basilica to remain white, despite weather and pollution.

it's a really great view of paris from here,
i wish it hadn't been so rainy..

paris II - notre dame & eiffel tower at night

place dauphine,
a square in ile de la cité

cafes surrounding the square
and people playing football
(although there was a sign saying no ball-playing)

fontaine saint-michel from afar
i didn't cross the road because there was so many cars!
and also, my legs hurt

cool lady in red, reading a book, hanging out alone, minding her own business

notre dame

i look awkward. as always. sheesh.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

paris I - rainy eiffel tower, musee du louvre, pont des arts

this post is so late, i know. 
i have been procrastinating. 

 anyway, i've loved paris since forever. 
the buildings are pretty, 
eiffel tower is dreamy. 
we mostly traveled with metro and RER, 
and honestly, not a nice experience. 
take a HOHO if you wish to see the city more.

i do love the old metro signs

bad luck, bad weather.
paris was cold and grey and wet.
but there's not many pictures of eiffel tower on a cloudy day.

even worse luck, there's some sort of renovation going around trocadero.. sigh

la fayette
did you know that there are two buildings:
one for the ladies and one for the men?

the interior though, so exquisite

this is.. the opera? i forgot. haha.