Tuesday, 19 May 2015

switzerland III - schilthorn piz gloria

people usually go to interlaken/lauterbrunnen for one of two reasons:
schilthorn or jungfrau.
schilthorn is famous for being a james bond movie shooting location,
jungfrau is top of europe.
i chose schilthorn because some say the view is better,
and also it's significantly cheaper :)

small stopover on the way to schilthorn - already 2677 m!

so many skiers

cable car
possibly one good thing about the whole ride up being foggy,
you can't see just how high up you are..
anyone with fear of heights? :P

nearing the top, when the clouds finally clear


the alps!

i feel like peeing whenever i see them go down the mountain
i guess i'm not that much of a daredevil after all..

just our very good luck.
even though it's cloudy the whole way up,
up here it's totally clear.
the sun shines so brightly.
so happy to see the sky so blue :)
don't forget your shades!

the other side of schilthorn..
fluffy clouds and mountain peaks

i love these things.
they even tell you the names of each peak as you move around :)

from left, the top of europe:
eiger, mönch, jungfrau :)

the collection of various currency at the gift shop

360 degrees revolving restaurant at piz gloria, where everything is james bond-themed.
this is a vege spaghetti :)

so majestic when you are in front of them

i don't have a picture here because it was cold and nobody wanted to entertain me taking pictures :(

the history behind piz gloria

on the lower decks are james bond exhibition and a gift shop
on the top deck, the revolving restaurant :)


i actually wanted to follow this path, but i was alone
and was imagining myself slipping and tumbling down the mountain,
so i abandoned the mission.

the path would lead to a further viewing deck, here.

among the posters at the exhibition
old james bond movies must be so cool

-3 degrees celcius!
and also something about longines being made a wall clock,
it's apparently a very expensive brand

going down to stechelberg,
where you can see a waterfall passing just beside the cable car

water in switzerland,
so clear

just a small note:
we went up to schilthorn from lauterbrunnen through grutschalp, winteregg, and murren,
and went down to stechelberg from schilthorn through murren and gimmelwald, after which we took a bus back to lauterbrunnen.

there are a few routes you can use to get to schilthorn and back to lauterbrunnen, my suggestion would be to take different routes and enjoy different views :)

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