Thursday, 14 May 2015

switzerland II - lauterbrunnen & mürren

i keep procrastinating --
so much to do, so little time.
it's nearly two months since my eurotrip
and i'm only halfway done with the entries, lol.

anyway.. enjoy.


on the train ride from lucerne to interlaken --
this picture was taken somewhat at the midpoint of the journey

we traveled on the goldenpass line, a scenic ride, as they say. lucerne to interlaken took 2 hours, full of sceneries like these. mountains and fields and lakes and rivers. many more pictures but we were traveling on a train, so they are quite blurry :( 

lake brienz, with its water so blue..

interlaken ost (east) to lauterbrunnen on a train took another half hour

the view when we arrived - foggy.
i was so scared that we wouldn't be able to see anything on our trip to schilthorn :(

the famous staubbach falls, most prominent waterfall in lauterbrunnen.
sadly it's closed in early spring, or else i would've gone exploring behind the waterfall :(


window decorations are too cute

again, the staubbach falls
with actual ice at the bottom
weather in late march is still cold

they say if you go in the summer, the gush of water is so strong, it seems like a jetspray of water pouring out..
but i've never seen a waterfall like this, so high up and without a defined path.
midway it sorts of splatters any way the wind is blowing.

lauterbrunnen is a sort of valley.
it feels like a safe cocoon, yet quite terrifying.
you are surrounded by giant rocks on your left and right,
it almost feels suffocating, as if you have nowhere to escape.
safe and terrifying, what extremes.

camping jungfrau is connected by a free skibus to town, only a 5-minute ride away, if you're lazy to walk :)
this would be a good base if you plan to explore lauterbrunnen and its surrounding area.

the cute cabins at camping jungfrau

our cabin, can fit up to 6 person

the double bed i share with my mum, this is a double decker double bed
i find the window so cuteeee

woke up the next morning to find a fresh layer of snow at the top of the mountains

about time i figured that higher up must be colder, so there's snow
lower down where we are is less cold, so we got rain instead

pasta in a cup.. i wonder.

mayonnaise in a tube! my oh my.

and chocolate easter bunny as big as me.. kidding.

they are generally excited about places where they can find food

town of lauterbrunnen, from the cable car

and this is pretty much the view on our whole way up to schilthorn, so i don't have that many pictures on the cable cars

a lot of people going up to ski

town of mürren, again, very foggy
but snow!

this feels very winter wonderland-y

about time when we started to sing 'do you wanna build a snowman'
give us a break, we don't get snow in malaysia lol

mama is happy all the time because it's frickin switzerland

i could've made snow angles
90 degrees
but i couldn't
(possible haiku?)

mama loves these water things
i have no idea what they are and why they're everywhere
surely the people of mürren have pipes in their houses..?

snow mush is dirty, it becomes ice and slippery
people who have experienced snow regularly quite hate the snow
and us malaysians really can't understand why
(or maybe it's just me)

i mean, it's snow. sure it's annoying because it covers everything
but it's white and pretty

more cute easter window decorations
why don't we have these in malaysia
i don't mean easter window decorations, i mean window decorations

they're going ice sledding!
why can't i go ice sledding T.T

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