Sunday, 3 May 2015

amsterdam VII - albert cuypmarkt

that red berry yoghurt smoothie is heavenly.

halal fried chicken, we couldn't resist.
funny thing is, the guy who works at this stall has a sister studying in UTM JB.
just how small the world is :P

many colourful bikes
they aren't exactly cheap.
and here i thought, for a place to have so many bikes,
they couldn't cost more than 50 euros.

bike accessories

this handbag :D

ribbons and buttons that tempt me so

must try stroopwafels

you have to hold it flat, especially when they're hot
or all the honey will flow out
it's thin and soft and gooey and oh so good
this is one of the reasons i miss amsterdam so much

inside the tram
i miss hearing 'volgende halte',
which means 'next stop', i think :P

goodbye amsterdam :'(
i love amsterdam beyond words.
i miss its many canals.
i miss its trams.
i miss its bikes.
i miss its narrow buildings.
i miss the bridges.
i miss dusk in amsterdam,
 where the lights turn on
and the colour becomes so lovely.

when i was there, amsterdam was so cold.
my nose was wet at all times, it was really gross
and the skin around my nose cracked.
first time in my life i have had to use vaseline on my face.

despite all that, i still can't hate amsterdam.
i don't know why, i suspect it's the canals.
i've always loved cities near water.
i had such a lovely time.
thank you amsterdam.
if Allah permits, i will surely visit you again

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