Sunday, 3 May 2015

amsterdam VI - zaanse schans

i would guess that this is a compass and not a clock.
at centraal station

this costs 13.50 euro. makes more sense if you try to go to two or more out of town places.
my suggestion: zaanse schans and volendam, and if you think you can, squeeze marken in your itinerary as well :)

imagine having a house like that..
zaanse schans is a 40-minute bus ride from central amsterdam,
so you go out to the village a bit

they use these clogs everywhere, from day to day work and also on special occasions like wedding :)

mama being cute.

our group coincides with a tour group from korea or japan or china or something,
so we get to see clog-making demonstration

these ducks do not run away from people

that view

we brought two of them home. heavy.

also, we filled our tummy with sample cheese..
seriously, we were running so happily around gouging on cheese

the older the cheese gets, it gets tougher and tastes stronger

we also get to listen to how cheese are made

see them ducks and chickens
they're behaving like cats -.-"

hello green headed duck
can we kidnap you and bring you home?


group of tourists

green houses

on the other side of the river

meanwhile, my family gets excited about chocolate milk

diy chocolate milk,
i think they had to pay 2 euro per cup

what happens when my mama takes a picture of me

what happens when i take a picture of everyone else..
(by this point, i already gave up on the idea that i will ever get a decent picture out of this trip..)

i hope this doll is not abandoned

when i was here, they were redoing the landscape or some sort

can you believe those green carpets of grass aren't real? they were planted there!
don't you feel cheated now? lol.
at least they're pretty :P

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