Saturday, 2 May 2015

amsterdam V - i amsterdam, canal cruise, & red light district

i've had this post in my draft, forever.
i had a somewhat huge move in my life --
i'm moving back into the city which i don't really love,
and back into my mother's house.
i have my own reasons,
but sometimes i don't think i'm cut out for this.

anyway, let's move on.


this building is pretty.

so many bikes in amsterdam, so parents take their kids in this 'wheelbarrow'. so cutee

not as much people crowded around the sign, so managed to take a pic or two :)

people play in and out of the water fountain.
this is such a cool place to hang out

after that we go on a canal cruise!
this is a pretty nice introduction to the city.
i bought the tickets online, so we got a discount.

so nice to be experiencing the city from the water

gambar propa

we actually did learn a lot on the cruise
they give you earbuds so you can listen to the tour
so we learn about why canals were made,
why the buildings are narrow,
and so many things about amsterdam,
its history and stories.
i strongly recommend the cruise.
boats and houses
i wonder how much a boathouse would cost around here

dem, i miss amsterdam so much..

walking in amsterdam can be quite confusing.
the same road is shared by buses, trams, cars, bikes, and people.
it is quite hectic, we had to look right and left and everywhere
before we could cross the road. lol

yeah.. tourist died because they overdosed on heroin or some sort.
don't do drugs, kids.

i noticed this a bit too late.
leidseplein was one of the places where The Fault in Our Stars was filmed.
and this fountain was featured in the movie :)

of course we didn't go in.

but we did walk through the red light district.
so this is what 'freedom' feels like, i guess..
i never felt more out of the world.

so many ducks and swans in one of the canals.
overall the RLD is a new experience.
go experience it, all the western hype around freedom.
but don't get in behind any of the windows

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