Monday, 25 May 2015

5 days

5 days a week,
i fight this battle.

but everyday,
i hate the fight.


one year isn't so long.
after one year, i will be gone.

not because i don't have the strength to stay,
but because i have the courage to walk away.

watch me.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

switzerland IV - interlaken

we went to interlaken just for shopping,
my suggestion would be to head somewhere near interlaken west
as there seems to be more place to shop around the area.

lauterbrunnen is not for shopping, there's barely any shop there.

spent less than 3 hours here,
but the view around interlaken west is lovely :)

mum and flowers can never be separated

cuckoo clocks

swiss army knife
the cheapest one i found is CHF20


where else you can walk around town with that view..

switzerland III - schilthorn piz gloria

people usually go to interlaken/lauterbrunnen for one of two reasons:
schilthorn or jungfrau.
schilthorn is famous for being a james bond movie shooting location,
jungfrau is top of europe.
i chose schilthorn because some say the view is better,
and also it's significantly cheaper :)

small stopover on the way to schilthorn - already 2677 m!

so many skiers

cable car
possibly one good thing about the whole ride up being foggy,
you can't see just how high up you are..
anyone with fear of heights? :P

nearing the top, when the clouds finally clear


the alps!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

switzerland II - lauterbrunnen & mürren

i keep procrastinating --
so much to do, so little time.
it's nearly two months since my eurotrip
and i'm only halfway done with the entries, lol.

anyway.. enjoy.


on the train ride from lucerne to interlaken --
this picture was taken somewhat at the midpoint of the journey

we traveled on the goldenpass line, a scenic ride, as they say. lucerne to interlaken took 2 hours, full of sceneries like these. mountains and fields and lakes and rivers. many more pictures but we were traveling on a train, so they are quite blurry :( 

lake brienz, with its water so blue..

interlaken ost (east) to lauterbrunnen on a train took another half hour

the view when we arrived - foggy.
i was so scared that we wouldn't be able to see anything on our trip to schilthorn :(

the famous staubbach falls, most prominent waterfall in lauterbrunnen.
sadly it's closed in early spring, or else i would've gone exploring behind the waterfall :(

Sunday, 10 May 2015

i never thought that one day

i would hate my job.


this part of my life, at least, has been easy.
i know what i wanted to do at fifteen.
i got the grades i needed to enter the program at a good university.
i didn't bust my ass in uni (but i can't regret this),
because somehow i did learn a lot about other things:
i'm not a closed up clam anymore.

i'm not the genius at chemistry like i was at sixteen.
i'm not even that good at my work anymore, like a year ago.

a year ago..
i was passionate, driven, hardworking.
i loved my job and loved busting my ass at it.
i loved being good at something, for once in my life.

i'm not a good daughter, not a good friend.
i'm not even a good person sometimes.
but i was good at what i do.
it keeps my feet on the ground.
work gave me a purpose in life.
even though i still look forward to weekends,
i never dread mondays.

i never expected to hate my job.
i expect my job to be boring me to death on some days,
but i never thought i'd hate it.


i'm still not a good daughter, still not a good friend.
i'm still not a good person.
and worse, work doesn't help keep me sane anymore.
my job doesn't help me point out my place in this world anymore.

yes, i married my work.
because work is unfeeling and i can't possibly hurt it,
but it can surely hurt me.
and i'm fine with that.
stability and predictability are fine by me.

i need a sense of purpose, again.
i need a reason to wake up 5 days a week
i need a reason to drive an hour to work
i need a reason to sit on a desk for 40 hours a week,
sometimes more
i need a reason to do all this, 
other than the fact that i need to earn a living.

i need to love my job again.

but before i can figure out how to do that,
i'm going to spend every free hours that i have
watching and rewatching grey's anatomy,
reading novels and books that i own way too much,
google about things like 'reasons behind marijuana legalization'
watch youtube videos about world history
search for more songs to love
love more fictional boys

and generally, just
avoiding the core issue of the matter.

Monday, 4 May 2015

switzerland I - lucerne & mt rigi

the big arch in front of lucern bahnhof.

this picture is really interesting to me.
we just spent a restless night in basel euroairport:
arrived the night before and took an early train out of basel to lucerne.
basically we haven't showered in a day and haven't had enough sleep.
luggage were kept at a left luggage, where we had to find CHF 7 in coins to use the lockers!!
this really frustrates me.

this view is really worth it though.
the water is crystal clear and blue.
switzerland and their clear waters..
i could drown in them

took early boat out to vitznau

this piece of paper covers all transportation in switzerland for 3 consecutive days,
be it bus, train, boats, etc.
mine costs EUR146.
yes, it's a bomb (i still cry remembering the pain when paying for this)
but it takes my mind off worrying about catching trains.

mama enjoying the view.
she's really happy the whole time we were here :)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

amsterdam VII - albert cuypmarkt

that red berry yoghurt smoothie is heavenly.

amsterdam VI - zaanse schans

i would guess that this is a compass and not a clock.
at centraal station

this costs 13.50 euro. makes more sense if you try to go to two or more out of town places.
my suggestion: zaanse schans and volendam, and if you think you can, squeeze marken in your itinerary as well :)

imagine having a house like that..
zaanse schans is a 40-minute bus ride from central amsterdam,
so you go out to the village a bit

they use these clogs everywhere, from day to day work and also on special occasions like wedding :)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

amsterdam V - i amsterdam, canal cruise, & red light district

i've had this post in my draft, forever.
i had a somewhat huge move in my life --
i'm moving back into the city which i don't really love,
and back into my mother's house.
i have my own reasons,
but sometimes i don't think i'm cut out for this.

anyway, let's move on.


this building is pretty.

so many bikes in amsterdam, so parents take their kids in this 'wheelbarrow'. so cutee

not as much people crowded around the sign, so managed to take a pic or two :)

people play in and out of the water fountain.
this is such a cool place to hang out