Thursday, 9 April 2015

london IV - regent's park & camden town

birds everywhere, crossing the pedestrian walk like nobody's business
i don't get how birds and ducks can be so unafraid of humans
seriously, when you go to european countries?
take a walk in a park.

you get to see so many people taking a leisurely walk, or jogging, or spend time with family

and swans and ducks with green heads and birds
the day i came, it was lightly drizzling

fish and chips at simply fish, camden

camden is full of weird statues hanging off buildings like this

and converse shoes hanging out of nowhere

a good place to souvenir shop

camden is eccentric, i'll give you that

weirdly cute shoes
further end of camden, another row of coloured houses

trafalgar square street performers (in a way)
this was a saturday, so this place was bustling with people

this guy saw me taking a picture and immediately made a thumbs up :)

national gallery
wish i had more time to explore

this statue is on what is called the 'fourth plinth',
the other three plinths are statues of people
but the fourth one changes every year
this year, it bares the 'Gift Horse'
a sculpture of a horse's skeleton
(which frankly, reminds me of Thestrals)
with a live display of London Stock Exchange
(the ribbon on the horse's legs)
stock exchange? like whaaaat? lol.

nelson's column in the background

this taxi made a u-turn where it's not supposed to
apparently, stupidity is everywhere, even in first world countries

i have a crush on this door

it isn't fair, the fact we can't have flower boxes on our windows in Malaysia
boohoo :(

fond memory of london:
we were exhausted from our 14-hour flight
and directly after we arrived in london,
we spent hours at the harry potter studios.
i was excited but tired, and my back was killing me.
seriously, even period pain can't compare to that back-breaking feeling.
so i was still running here and there
and i ended up with almost a fever.

why almost?
because by the time we got back to our apartment in hammersmith,
walking in freezing london weather
i immediately crashed into the bed
my mum ended up waking me
to force feed me redoxon vitamin C
literally force feed, i was unaware of it
the next morning i woke up,
i thought i dreamt of drinking an orange solution haha

so the vitamin C worked.
i only ended with mild sore throat and a slightly husky voice
i like husky voice, enjoyed it even:
my normal voice is high-pitched and funny and i don't like it very much

although i cannot take much credit for it,
congrats immune system for working when i need you to
thanks mama for looking out for me
and thank God,
because if i were to fall sick,
who would guide them anywhere, really?

next time i travel on a plane for that long,
i will give myself a day off to recover.
like seriously.

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