Friday, 3 April 2015

london II - almost everything significant, i guess

who would've thought that their bus station is inside a mall?
hammersmith broadway centre.
no joke.

wellington arch,
at hyde park corner.

it was a cold morning.
grey skies, cold cold cold.

horse carriages!

bald trees.
still very early spring.
spot the flowers :)

near buckingham palace.

buckingham palace was huge.
i think it'd be more interesting if we got to see the parade though.

follow the instructions. really.
the roads can be confusing.

horse guards parade.

they do this parade everyday here.
11 am, when they change shift.
i wonder if they only change shift once daily? o.O

this piece is haunting.

london eye

big ben

st margaret's church

we got to hear the bells tolling when the clock struck twelve :)

afternoon, when the clouds finally clear and sunlight saved us from freezing to death
this is trafalgar square.
this square is considered the very center of london.

i love you blue sky,
you make my pictures look pretty

makan nasi goreng bekal dari rumah kat trafalgar square.
sedap sangat sebab lapar kannn.

nelson's column at trafalgar square.

admiralty arch

when the sun is shining, people come out to play.

in an underground tunnel for pedestrians.
lovely art on tiles.

yes, because we carry nukes everywhere.
this is the hunger games.
dun dun dun..

humongous building,
but what the usual tourist needs is the gift shop on 2nd floor.

london bridge
and in the back, the tower bridge
picture taken from the millenium bridge.
gosh, these londoners sure love their bridges.

st paul's cathedral
so huge.

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