Thursday, 2 April 2015

london I - 'the making of harry potter' studio tour

flight was good, food was divine.
watched several movies, didn't get to sleep much.
a total of 14 hours journey, excluding 3 hour transit.
got to fly with Airbus A380 - just WOW.

seated too close to the wing, hence no good pics.

i loved these flight path thingy :)

people told me that Heathrow Express would be expensive --
no trouble, just ride the tube.
there's a direct tube from heathrow to central london,
takes longer but doesn't cost as much.

mama immediately got excited when we found a market
(notice the big luggage bag)

this is near our apartment

marble arch
the other end of oxford street

trip to oxford street was necessary, we needed to find warmer clothes
but i couldn't find the trench coat i wanted here
oxford st is sooo long, or we were probably just tired

an hour and a half's journey from central london is here :)

the great hall
i'm a ravenclaw :)

winged boar on hogwarts gates

gryffindor common room
apparently, the lady in blue in the portrait on the wall
is young minerva mcgonagall

so many details
a potterphile would love

hagrid's hut

and why did i ever think that alan rickman never wore a wig, i have no idea

all the costumes

the gryffindor boys' dormitory


the burrow's kitchen
(possibly my favourite place of all, so comfy)

10 points to your house if you could tell me which movie this came from


amazingly, this statue was described in the book.
it got to feature in the movies for.. what? 10 seconds?
and yet look at the details the producers had thought through.

this expansion was newly opened the day i visited
-- hogwarts express!
it's amazing, you can even walk inside the train.
i even found the R+L heart thing :)

i didn't have to go to kings cross station to get this shot :3

all these they have to do..
makes you appreciate the movies more,
even when you disagree with some stuffs from the movie

butterbeer tastes amazinggg
root beer and a buttery cream on top
seriously, best thing i've ever tasted

hogwarts bridge

the place where it all started

infamous ford anglia

this thing is really ugly, and it even moves.. yuck

hello buckbeak! eh.. witherwings

diagon alley!

weasleys' wizard wheezes

hogwarts :)
hogwarts is so huge..

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