Saturday, 4 April 2015


an intermission from my travel entries.

all my life, i've experimented with creativity.
my high school years were spent on writing.
they were a blur, the best kind of blur:
you lose yourself in the act of creation.

after high school, probably due to lack of exercise,
(and fear, and self-doubt,)
the words stopped flowing.

high school was also when i first learned HTML and photoshop.
it was the myspace era, and everyone was tweaking their profile.
i prided on my awesomely simple page.
i still love simple sophistication.

i also experimented with artsy stuff:
doodling, scrapbooking, even music.
i discover that i cannot draw.
(i kinda hate drawing.)
and to arrange small things on a blank sheet of paper
does nothing to me.
i also kinda suck at guitar,
i might be tone-deaf.

i marvel at the idea of cooking--
creating something from scratch.
i did a stint of baking when i was in uni,
over time i got bored.
and everyone knows baking without love
is really nothing.

i fell in love with photography in matriculation.
you should see the odd things i took pictures of:
my bag. my shoes. my eraser. lol.
i played with DOF and bokeh when i didn't know what they meant.

this is an embarrassing example.
but yes, i played with DOF on a nokia xpressmusic camera.
it was sort of awesome.

i finally learned the technicalities of a full DSLR in my final year of uni.
i never regretted spending so much time
reading and learning to operate a camera.
still, photography is an expensive hobby.
i now keep things simple:
an iPhone 5s
when necessary, a DSLR on aperture priority or even auto.
fyi, i sorta hate the auto function.

i'm still drawn to beauty.
i keep all sorts of knick knacks
that i associate with creativity
but they are jarred pieces:
never to become a complete picture
in my incapable hands.

buttons, bought around 6 years ago

a few from my sticker collection. clips and such.

'polaroid' cards, i usually use them as postcards/gift tags.
bought in my final year of uni.

i also love washi tapes, hand-made papers, ribbons, lace..
i use my sharpie at work.
there are tonnes of artsy stuff at daiso, it's heaven.
i just haven't bought any, because i don't know what to do with them.

i think i need to get back to writing.
i have to push through this block.

create something new every day, it will keep you happy.
i have to keep on trying.

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