Saturday, 11 April 2015

amsterdam III - keukenhof 23.03.2015

bought combi-ticket from amsterdam to keukenhof,
which means we have to change buses at schiphol airport.
the combi-ticket is worth it,
easier than normal public transportation and doesn't cost more.
i purposely wear red for this reason, hiks.
believe it or not, i laid out my outfit for keukenhof from home.
but..... it's too cold, so you get to only see my trench coat -.-"

she is so tall
(or maybe, i am short)


mama's favourite colour


we got to eat some more

this is the year of van gogh at keukenhof
so everything is van gogh-inspired
do actually research van gogh before you go to keukenhof this year,
it'll let you appreciate the theme more

that pink
i am not a girly girl but i love that shade of pink

inside orange-nassau pavilion
the van gogh exhibition plus thousands of flowers

mama very focused on the flower arranging presentation

the arranging is very inspired, i think.
they put an emphasis on creativity and tried something different with their arrangings
due to the theme being van gogh and van gogh is considered a modern painter, of course
also the moment when i realized, i rarely create something new anymore
i have to start again, seriously

blood red roses
flowers in old handbags!

lots of hanging flowers

don't we all wish we can decorate our houses with flowers
i did try to convince mama, many times, that we should move to cameron highlands

i'm in love with this tulip:
a fringed or sensual touch tulip
and the colour :3

weather is still cold, not that many flowers blooming outside
but inside the pavilions is lovely

this is sort of a kids activity - an animals pen
see the malaysians in the background. hiks

mama stayed outside, i went inside.
sometimes i am too fearless for my own good

climbed stairs to get up there

i did went up the windmill. two flights of stairs.

the view from the top of the windmill.
still not that many flowers blooming,
i could only imagine if they're all in bloom,
what an amazing display of colours..
the yellow ones are daffodils.

so called romantic garden.
they hang chandeliers from brances of tree :)

kesian kitorang, takde sape nak amekkan gambar

thank you, amazing gardeners of keukenhof

this is such a cute picnic area

inside willem-alexander pavilion,
where thousands of flowers wait for you
and their sweet scent welcomes you

we could be sleeping

heels and boots :D

these hyacinths smell so nice..
and their rich colours!
ughhh i miss their scent

new favourite flower

still many that are waiting to bloom

if you think i'm done posting pictures of flowers,
think again.

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