Saturday, 11 April 2015

amsterdam II - an evening

so many people at the 'I amsterdam' sign.
this is taken at museumplein - literally, museum square.
this square is bounded by 3 museums - rijksmuseum, van gogh, and stedelijk.
the disney-like castle is the famous rijksmuseum.

if i had more time, i would've explored rijksmuseum and also van gogh

the tour bike - there's a tour guide in front,
but the rest of the people has to cycle to move the vehicle through the city :)

love locks everywhere

mama's pic, taken by me.

my pic, taken by mama -.-"
i really have to marry a photographer.

stroopwafels. sort of a dry wafel. sedap :)

some of the buildings are actually tilted a bit forward

boats and cars and bikes, parked side by side

narrow buildings with narrow stairs
in the old times they have to pay taxes according to width of the house
which is why they are built tall and narrow :)

hanging out beside beautiful canals

these hooks are used to carry up furnitures, and in the old days, valuable goods such as spice
thus is why the buildings are tilted forward
i am so in love with amsterdam

my perfect place is always somewhere very near water
(thus why i never liked KL that much)

tram running on bridge

when it starts to light up, the feeling is pretty magical.. :)

i need a tripod for moments like this ughh
i am too in love with amsterdam's grachtenhuis.

this is the evening we went to anne frank huis.
tip: buy the tickets online. save yourself from having to stand in a long line.
the house was quite an experience.
you'd stand in the rooms where 8 people had to hide in for 2 years,
not stepping outside the house for even a minute.
you'd absorb the amount of space they had to live in, 
and if it were me, i would've gone insane after a month.

i know they're jews.
but please, differentiate between jews and zionists.
everyone expects muslims to hate jews by definition.
don't be that bigoted,
we're never taught to hate by race or religion.

so as much as i pity and feel for anne frank and his family,
because they didn't deserve any of that..
i didn't cry for her,
because i know my brothers and sisters in religion
are suffering much, much worse today.
she got a recognition.
she's a martyr.
while a lot of other people,
who, like her, didn't deserve what they are put through today,
remain nameless.

would it be too childish, still
to dream of world peace?

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