Friday, 10 April 2015

amsterdam I - bloemenmarkt

overnight bus we took from london to amsterdam
duivendrecht station

48 hours GVB card, which we used extensively on trams

you get live arrival times at some tram stops. beyond awesome
amsterdam is even colder, can you imagine?

it is 'koffie'

stayed in hotel leidsegracht, which is in one of amsterdam's narrow houses
i loved the hotel, small but complete :)
and location is perfect.

can you imagine just sitting there, having coffee..

mushroom pancake for brunch

they sell bulbs in bloemenmarkt


lots of flowers
bloemenmarkt is, after all, a flower market

cheese, glorious cheese
we got in and got to sample some cheese
there's even a sambal-flavoured cheese, no joke!

they look like onions or gingers

sad to say, tulips will never survive in malaysian weather

another thing amsterdam is famous for :)
if i'm living in some alternate universe, i would've tried so many things in this world..

if i should say so, a few things that amsterdam is famous for:
tulips, clogs, windmills, cheese, diamonds, bicycles, canals, weed, and prostitution

i'm seriously in love with the buildings
red bricks so pretty
and the window shutters, ughh

nom nom nom

the only floating flower market in the world

hello amsterdam,
i am so in love with you

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