Saturday, 11 April 2015

amsterdam IV - keukenhof, again (23.03.15)

i probably broke your computer screen from too many flowers.

this looks exquisite.

amsterdam III - keukenhof 23.03.2015

bought combi-ticket from amsterdam to keukenhof,
which means we have to change buses at schiphol airport.
the combi-ticket is worth it,
easier than normal public transportation and doesn't cost more.
i purposely wear red for this reason, hiks.
believe it or not, i laid out my outfit for keukenhof from home.
but..... it's too cold, so you get to only see my trench coat -.-"

she is so tall
(or maybe, i am short)


mama's favourite colour

amsterdam II - an evening

so many people at the 'I amsterdam' sign.
this is taken at museumplein - literally, museum square.
this square is bounded by 3 museums - rijksmuseum, van gogh, and stedelijk.
the disney-like castle is the famous rijksmuseum.

if i had more time, i would've explored rijksmuseum and also van gogh

the tour bike - there's a tour guide in front,
but the rest of the people has to cycle to move the vehicle through the city :)

love locks everywhere

mama's pic, taken by me.

my pic, taken by mama -.-"
i really have to marry a photographer.

Friday, 10 April 2015

amsterdam I - bloemenmarkt

overnight bus we took from london to amsterdam
duivendrecht station

48 hours GVB card, which we used extensively on trams

you get live arrival times at some tram stops. beyond awesome
amsterdam is even colder, can you imagine?

it is 'koffie'

stayed in hotel leidsegracht, which is in one of amsterdam's narrow houses
i loved the hotel, small but complete :)
and location is perfect.

can you imagine just sitting there, having coffee..

mushroom pancake for brunch

Thursday, 9 April 2015

london IV - regent's park & camden town

birds everywhere, crossing the pedestrian walk like nobody's business
i don't get how birds and ducks can be so unafraid of humans
seriously, when you go to european countries?
take a walk in a park.

you get to see so many people taking a leisurely walk, or jogging, or spend time with family

and swans and ducks with green heads and birds
the day i came, it was lightly drizzling

fish and chips at simply fish, camden

Friday, 3 April 2015

london II - almost everything significant, i guess

who would've thought that their bus station is inside a mall?
hammersmith broadway centre.
no joke.

wellington arch,
at hyde park corner.

it was a cold morning.
grey skies, cold cold cold.

horse carriages!

bald trees.
still very early spring.
spot the flowers :)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

london I - 'the making of harry potter' studio tour

flight was good, food was divine.
watched several movies, didn't get to sleep much.
a total of 14 hours journey, excluding 3 hour transit.
got to fly with Airbus A380 - just WOW.

seated too close to the wing, hence no good pics.

i loved these flight path thingy :)

people told me that Heathrow Express would be expensive --
no trouble, just ride the tube.
there's a direct tube from heathrow to central london,
takes longer but doesn't cost as much.