Saturday, 7 March 2015

my brother and i

this is usually how our conversation goes:
me: aqil, macam mana nak download movies? (even though i know how)
aqil: pakai torrent laa. nak download movie apa?
me: harry potter
-my brother goes on searching for harry potter movies, while i play with his hair looking for uban (he doesn't have any, yet)-
aqil: so buat macam ni, bla bla bla.. (i don't listen)
me: agaknya ada tak torrent downloader untuk mac?
aqil: entah, mesti ada
me: aqil download kan eh harry potter tu
aqil: why meeeeee T.T

he ended up downloading all 10GBs of all the harry potter movies. hehehe.

me: i'm taking the camera *pauses* do you still have the lens hood?
aqil: the what now?
me: lens hood. alaa that plastic thingy attached in front of the lens?
aqil: ..... like the one you have? no.
me: no, i have a lens filter. dulu kan aqil ada lens hood tu. alahhhhh *gives up and goes to type 'lens hood' on his google, and showed him the picture of a lens hood*
me: apa guna ada komputer kalau tak reti google
aqil: oh, that thing.. entah laa must be somewhere *sambil cari2 dan tak jumpa2*
me: T.T

when we have a good relationship, we're very cute.
but when we fight, it's so ugly you'd rather die.

but in the end, he's the only brother i have. forever.


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