Sunday, 8 March 2015

10 days to go

the past few weeks has been an emotional whirlwind for me.

scared, worried, excited, anticipation, frustration.

this is really, the first time i've done such a huge itinerary, 
comprising of four countries on the other side of the world, nonetheless.

and i've been totally crazy.

i'm particularly not very excited about london.
london is very expensive to travel to now, 
the pound remains so strong against our ringgit.
everything is going to be freaking expensive.
but then i booked a tour to the harry potter studios,
now i get giddy thinking about our first day in london.

and then amsterdam.
i've loved amsterdam since i first read about it online.
canals, tulips, windmills. what's not to love?
i'm a bit surprised i haven't fallen in love a long time ago.
amsterdam excites me to no end,
until my thought brings me to..

on sort of a last-minute whim, i added lucerne into our itinerary.
why ever not? i thought.
all the transportation needed is covered in our swiss pass.
might as well make good worth of its value.
switzerland is beautiful whichever way you look.
i'm excited about the views, and the possibility of snow.
i wished we could stay here longer.

and paris.....
enough said.
i have an eiffel tower charm on my bracelet.
the back of my phone is covered with an eiffel tower art.
paris will be challenging, it's notoriously known for crime.

my itinerary is done.
i'm now finishing 'my guide',
which includes everything from transportation working hours and important exits,
attractions opening hours, halal eating places, mosques, prayer times.
there can't be too much planning, haha.
i'm such a woman.

10 days to go.

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