Friday, 6 February 2015

big bad wolf

i went for the BBW fire sale today.

so far i've been to three BBWs:
once in penang, melaka, and KL.
roughly once a year.

the damage
a mixmatch of autobiography, novel, marketing, and psychology

my mum called me and asked:
'what's the damage?'
'that's already 11 books'
'okay okay enough enough'


fyi my mum thinks i buy too many books,
which i have to (partly) agree.
books are bulky and we just don't have the space to store them.

anyway i try not to buy too much nowadays,
because books are also costly.
i give in at BBW because
where else would you get ELEVEN books for RM59??
RM59 sometimes gets you one book, at best three.

i imagine someday when i have kids and introducing them to their first BBW..
*dreaming hahaha

kids, you have to read because we won't have a TV.
and your internet use is only limited to google 
(and maybe educational youtube).

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