Friday, 30 January 2015

megi paling rajin

hari ahad selalu kebuntuan.
nak makan ayam penyet, tak buka pula.
pastu aku bagitau housemate,
jom laa pegi beli megi!

hasilnya --
megi plus sayur plus telur plus cili padi bebanyak.
best megi everrr.


p/s: selamat kahwin bestie ku! :D

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

the past

it's amazing,
how the past can come back
to bite you in the ass sometimes

Friday, 23 January 2015


dulu aku shut down blog lama,
sebab aku menyampah bila colleagues aku mengusik.
diorang buat aku rasa termalu sebab aku ada blog.

betul juga.
dah kau share your thoughts on a public domain,
kenapa kau menyampah pula bila orang mengusik?


orang yang kenal aku mungkin akan perasan.
kadang-kadang, aku expose deeply personal stuff dalam blog dan twitter.

mungkin sebab aku treat blog dan twitter macam personal diary aku.
albeit, ada strangers yang mungkin memerhati.
dan aku sedar hakikat ni.

i never exposed things that could hurt me in the physical world.


personal thoughts and musings,
tapi bukan private.

aku tak kisah orang nak baca.
aku kisah bila orang mengusik.

yes, i have a blog.
yes, i have a twitter.
and apparently, i rant a lot.
these things matter to me.
bukan barang untuk kau buat usikan.

mungkin sebab tu, best friends aku semua yang tak suka baca blog, takde twitter.
kalau ada pun, inactive. haha.


aku ada sorang best friend.
dia jenguk-jenguk jugak blog aku.
dan she treats it as something sacred.
as in, bukan barang mainan.
and i appreciate her for that.
for knowing that people write these stuff online,
bukan untuk kau bangkitkan offline.
unless orang tu kata it's okay.


it's time for us to respect other's personal stuff,
even on a public domain.

Monday, 19 January 2015

cara masak megi paling malas tapi nak megi sedap

alih bahasa pula laa ye.

masa study dulu aku tak suka masak megi, sebab takde dapur.
memang megi boleh tuang air panas dan ready to enjoy!
tapi bagi aku kalau tak masak rasa cam tak best.
tapi bila dah ada dapur pun malas juga nak masak,
maka beginilah:

1) panaskan air dalam heater
2) letak megi kesukaan anda dalam mangkuk tahan microwave
3) tuang air panas dalam mangkuk
4) pecahkan sebiji telur dalam mangkuk tersebut
5) masuk dalam microwave, heat dalam 3-5 min
6) makan!

teknik ni sangat best sebab tak payah basuh periuk. basuh satu bekas je.

p/s: aku tak pernah kata aku ni rajin. muahahahaha

p/p/s: tapi takde laa sampai aku makan megi hari2. 


Thursday, 15 January 2015

USS 9.1.15

that thing is hugeee.
not a real pharmacy. i checked.

you have sesame street dancing in the background and betty boop in the red dress

the colourrrr

madagascar ship

shrek's hut

one of the halal places to eat

please don't watch the show if you're 13 and above. hahaha

cutest ride evaaa

evac. rode this THREE times!

p/s i never watched any of the transformer movies

okay i just don't have a good pic in front of the globe. sobs.

went to Universal Studios Singapore on a friday.
probably best decision ever.
waiting for rides is a breeze, which makes impatient me happy.

paid RM195 for the ticket and a return bus ride from tune hotel JB-USS.
ticket also includes a SGD 5 meal voucher and SGD 5 retail voucher.

this was sort of a budget trip for me.
i budgeted RM800, 
that covers the tickets, accommodation for one night in JB,
transportation, food, and shopping.
only i didn't get to shop much :P
but i don't mind.
purpose was not to shop but to have fun,
and i did :D

some tips:
1) bring a poncho (or buy one there for SGD 4) in case it rains. the jurassic park ride is guaranteed to get you wet.
2) there's a few halal restaurants inside at a fairly reasonable price, for singapore. just don't convert to RM haha
3) surau for prayers is available near the 'mummy' ride.

Monday, 5 January 2015


this is all too familiar a feeling.
one that i avoid.
one that i fear.

please let you be temporary.
please go away.
i'd rather be a stone and in control
than to sink in all the hurricanes.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

our silly conversation

starting with me:
 Ma, got food in kitchen?
where got..
got ice cream?
ice cream in fridge..
kitchen not in fridge?
*laughing* fridge is in kitchen, not kitchen in fridge!


this is one of many silly conversations.
we're a bunch of very silly people haha.

and yes, we usually talk in broken-manja english.
our own personal style.