Saturday, 13 December 2014

travel bug

added a list of 'have-beens' and 'will-be' on the sidebar.

some of the places in my wishlist seems a bit typical and cliché, i agree.
(paris? london? duh.)
but these are the places i've been dreaming of visiting since i was in high school,
and even grown up they hold a certain attraction.

maybe once i've been there i'll get over it,
but seeing as i've never been so i want to go.

truth be told, on the inside i'm a city girl.
but i do enjoy escapades to the country.

i've only been to a few places,
but i'm grateful to say that i can add more to the list.

i've always thought that i would be too poor to travel:
i don't have trust funds and my dad isn't a Dato'.
flight tickets cost a bomb and i don't even like flying.
but i was in australia when i fully realized the magnitude of the words:
looking at a picture and reading about a place isn't the same as experiencing it,
not at all.

because how would i describe the taste of butter in australia?
or the smell of perfumes i caught in sydney?
or the colour of red cherries split open by my teeth?
or a refuge of cold wind and grey sky in byron bay 
after the searing heat of gold coast?

my wishlist might seem so naive, then
but once i'm over with a place i'll be craving another,
and before i knew it
i've travelled half the world.

i guess i won't share my travel pictures on fb because i don't want to seem showy.
they'll be here, where they'll be found by the people who are looking for them.

you can always give excuses,
that's why people always say they want to travel the world
but only some really do it.

i have money issues, too.
but i guess i just have to save and save
and spend them when i start my journey.
wish me luck.


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