Saturday, 13 December 2014

i am a proud INFP!

it's a known fact that
there are more extroverts than introverts in this world.
if you feel like you don't belong anywhere most of the time:
you probably are one.

INFP is a type in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator;
we are the dreamers,
the idealists,
the healers.

INFP is also one of the rarer types.
there's only about 4-5% INFPs in this world.
(according to wiki)

i'm not a hardcore introvert.
i still don't like parties, 
and i don't like being in a place full of strangers.
but i can socialize when i want to.
i don't like small talks,
but i learned how to deal with one.

most people don't share their deepest feelings when they first meet somebody.
in order to know someone, you have to peel their layers.
that first layer might be a bore,
but the layers beneath might be a wonder.
so i deal with the bore to uncover the wonders.

i talk non-stop sometimes.
(and i don't like it.)

in this world, us introverts at some point will feel like we're just not good enough.
simply because we can't make friends,
at least not like the others.

i'm still so awkward with people.

but instead of befriending everyone,
i get to choose the people i love
and stick to them.
to INFPs, loyalty is sacred,
we love beyond reason.
even though we might not know how to show it.

understanding that there are other 15 types of people out there
makes me not easily judgmental.
i dig around people's backgrounds
and connect the dots
and try to be more understanding
(most of the time.)

i'm not an easy person, i admit.
i try to hide everything that i think of inside my brain,
unless i'm really, really sure that people won't be freaked out.

i'm not special, even though i want to be.
i'm not even smart,
even though i really want to be.

the greatest insult you can throw at me is not:
'you're ugly',
'you're a bore'.

i might be ugly,
i might be stupid,
but i definitely am not a bore.

you can't imagine the worlds i have created in my mind.

the key to my heart is the key to my mind.
astound me;
i don't care for looks or materials
but i crave knowledge.

welcome to my world.

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