Monday, 8 December 2014

aussie pt 7 - gold coast movie world


where we parked our motorhome #4

another beautiful sunrise

looks like art
reminds me of someone who once told me what kind of sea creature made this
(i forgot, what made this?)

i was minding my own business when i heard a sound next to me
and this guy was just swimming along, looking for fish
a pelican!

sky, water, land

tried 'reflection-ing' but failed.. lol

lots of dead jellyfish

this ride urgh

this girl was practising her dance moves, so cute :)

in which we went back again to surfers paradise
to shop

about the only rock band i knew

catching sunrise, again.
we're not on the beach that opens up to the ocean, 
gold coast has many canals and i guess this was one.
memorable part of the morning was the many birds!
can you imagine the feeling when you realize a pelican was swimming
right there next to you!
its long and sharp beak made it formidable
but it's not in my nature to be scared, so i stood my ground

after that it's movie world
it was an extremely hot day
but i enjoyed the one show
(stunt drivers that made my stomach flutter endlessly),
watched a 4d show
they played a part from the movie 'rio',
and enjoyed the rides:
particularly green lantern's and superman's,
green lantern's turns you upside down and it was exhilarating
superman's goes from 0 to 100km/h in 2 seconds

i'm glad i rode the superman's first
once you've ridden that one, it's impossible to be afraid of another ride
too fast and no braking at all
i closed my eyes the entire time, damn
after i got off, my hands were shaking
i'm a bit traumatized by that ride, to be honest lol
best ride in my whole life ever!

you can watch the front seat pov here:

i'm still sad over the fact that arkham asylum (a.k.a batman's) ride is closed for maintenance.
it's supposed to be craziest:
the rails are above you and your feet are dangling in the air
and you twist multiple times!
(yeah, i'm such an adrenaline junkie)
more sadface
:( :( :(

the minor number of pictures in movie world was because
i was too busy riding rides
my camera was safely stashed in a locker :P

despite that, we got out early
we didn't even stay for the parade
the weather was too. damn. hot.
i bought a large freeze coke, 
which is sort of a coke slurpee that tastes amazing
why is coke so much more amazing frozen?

anyway that night i bugged my dad to go out shopping again
i was determined to find roxy, and after asking around
i managed to find one, but surprise surprise
it was closed.. at 8pm!
more sadface :(
i'm so used to everything closing at 10pm back at home..

another schoolies night
so surfers paradise was jam-packed with people
they party for two whole weeks! being an introvert, i don't get this..
and thus i start imagining an alternate universe 
where i was forced to go to this schoolies thing
and end up staying in my room, reading books

i also hunted for the surfers paradise sign, again
and found it within walking distance of the roxy outlet
so my dad told me we could come again tomorrow morning :P

(i'm such a daddy's girl,
i think my dad can't say no to me.
probably also because i don't make a fuss,
i'm nice like that)

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