Saturday, 6 December 2014

aussie pt 6 - gold coast sea world


tunggu bas nak pegi seaworld
btw, bas dia takde laa on time sangat haha
(tetiba malas nak taip dalam english)


tu ada cult tengah buat ritual tu haha!

these penguins are really something

we're allowed to touch the rays at their 'wing' sides,
not on their back or tails
tried a few times but chickened out
hey, this is the fish that killed the great steve irwin

hyperactive polar bear
it's humongous

this, i freely touched.
feels like a rock

goreng pun sodap nih

schools of fish

that guy feeds fish for a living


then a great old green turtle turned up for the party

the cute pufferfish that won't puff

seriously, seagulls are everywhere
they will attack unattended food
and i do mean, attack
have you watched finding nemo?
that is exactly how they behaved

i might look cute, but inside i'm all
'mine mine mine mine mine mine'

got to take pictures with hunky men who put up a great jetski show

then we rushed to another show which features a smart seal

dolphin show was amazinggg

they want hugs too awwww

cute baby penguins
at least, i think they are penguins


one of the canals in gold coast

tried playing with long exposures with my shaky hands ;P


decorative boomerangs
the real ones are more expensive

we got out really late this morning.
the women of the house were concerned about laundry, so we did that first.
i even slept in a bit:
i've spent many mornings catching sunrises
but since we're going to be here for a few more days,
i guess i'd better relax and snooze hehe.

so it's about 10.30 am when i got really restless
and kept pushing everyone to move!
i kept saying:
'cepat cepat penguin dah tunggu tu haa, mana orang2 malaysia tak datang lagi niii'

anyway it's about 11.30 am when we get there.
i got into super bossy mode,
took the map and the showtimes
and started to dictate where we should be at what time.
you should be amazed, we arrived late but thanks to me (ahem)
we got to see all the shows! lalala.
(it wasn't that big a place to begin with anyway)

this is about the time my dad got into a relaxed mode
and start teasing everyone
i think he's finally happy that he doesn't have to twiddle with GPS -.-"

anyway, we went to see penguins and polar bears and stingrays and starfish
before we got to see jetski performers, a seal show, and a dolphins show
after that we went to see spongebob in 4D
we even got spare time to ride a roller coaster
and got wet..

i thought sea world was rather bleh at first,
but it really was an amazing day.

we then went to surfers paradise to shop,
bought tshirts at hard rock cafe (typical),
and just across hard rock there's a souvenir shop
and the rest of them spent hours there.

i was getting restless and walked around
(yes, i was and am that berani, although i scared my atuk)
walked till i get to the canals, took pictures
couldn't find the big surfers paradise sign,
so i walked back to the souvenir shop
where they still haven't finished shopping

it was a schoolies week in gold coast.
i'm lazy to explain in detail,
basically the high school kids came to gold coast to partayyy
celebrating the end of school year.
they were everywhere.
some were not wearing shoes, and i don't get why.
some were drunk. nuff said.

we went to coles to shop for food
and went all jakun when we were told by the kind person there
that we have to scan the items ourselves
and pay using card/cash by inserting them into the machine
kinda like a vending machine
yes, we really went all jakun
i was really embarrassed

anyway that concludes our day in sea world
and night at surfers paradise
next: movie world!

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